Dare to Bare works with your body to obtain the results your want.

By increasing your metabolic rate creating a thermogenic effect which assists the natural process of breaking down and burning calories, they can have a significant impact on body fat.

Fatty deposits are reduced because calories are used to create heat and energy.

* Accelerates weight loss
* Increases your metabolic rate
* Boosts energy levels
* Reduce body fat

Dare to Bare can help you to achieve all these through its unique formulation of natural herbs that work with your body to help you to reach your goals quickly.

Frequently asked questions

How does Sida work ?

Using thermogenesis. Sida helps to boost energy levels and assists in suppressing the appetite, which makes saying no easier. Calories which are consumed during the day are turned into heat and energy before they can be stored as fat.

What will I notice first ?

The first noticeable change will probably be inch loss and deposits of cellulite.

Do not jump on and off the scales, because although you may lose considerable amounts of weight you will lose far more in inches.

We recommend try on a piece of tight clothing before you being taking SIDA, then try it on again at the end of the course.

Do we have to diet and exercise ?

We don't recommend you use a deprivation diet. When you start a diet you reduce your bodies fuel. Which in turn reduces your metabolic rate. When you take SIDA your appetite reduces over a period of time, which will trick your body's metabolic rate into stability.

Is weight loss permanent ?

Once you have reached your target weight, it is easy to use SIDA as a maintenance programme i.e. instead of taking SIDA everyday take it for 2-3 days every week. Your body is now heading for a permanent change.

Suggested use - as a dietary supplement. Adults orally 1 or 2 capsules near 10 am and 3 pm. Do not take after 3 pm or more than 4 capsules in one day. It is advised an intake of 8-10 glasses of water per day to aid the dietary process.


NOT intended for pregnant or nursing women, adolescents, and individuals on restricted diets or with any medical condition. If in doubt about the advisability of this product please consult a doctor of pharmacist before use.

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